USA grown. Organically farmed. Gluten free.


    Scientifically formulated to maximize bioavailability and effectiveness.

Edible Naturals

Edible Naturals is dedicated to educating consumers about the enormous health benefits of cannabis-derived CBD.

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  • Recovery

    Targeted, effective and all natural. Because overcoming everyday aches shouldn’t feel like a pain in the neck.

  • Sleep

    Nothing like a good night‘s sleep. CBD helps you fall and stay asleep.

  • Calm

    CBD helps you relax after a long day.

Trusted By Customers

  • -From Betty


    We have been purchasing Social CBD for a few years now, and we are so thankful for the great quality, and reasonable price. We have experienced help in so many areas of our overall health from using this brand of CBD.

  • -From ChristyO


    This is absolutely my favorite CBD for sleep. Knocks me right out and keeps me asleep. No grogginess the next day. I wake up feeling great.

  • -From Bankergirl


    Shoulder muscles with knots finally relaxed. To help recovery from knee surgery, and arthritis in my hands!